Kritter Cap™
Corner Post Inserts for Vinyl Sided Homes

Keep Destructive Animals & Pests Out of Your Attic

Are you concerned about mice, squirrels and other rodents getting into your home? An open corner post is an open invitation.. directly into your attic! Rodents can cause thousands of dollars of damage by chewing on household wiring, nesting in insulation and causing unwanted odors. Stop the intrusion BEFORE it starts by protecting your home with the Kritter Cap™.

Help Prevent Cold Weather Drafts

With energy costs sky rocketing, it only makes good sense to prevent as much heat loss in your home as possible. Installing Kritter Caps™ will not only help keep you warmer during the long, cold winter months, but will also help SAVE YOU MONEY!

Bees, Wasps, and Other Destructive Insects

Insect infestation is a serious concern for many home owners. It can be very destructive and costly to correct. The Kritter Cap™ can help prevent a variety of insects, such as bees and wasps from entering your corner post and establishing nest sites in your home. Our corner post caps will save you money on exterminators and other forms of damage repair. They're so cost effective, YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO PROTECT YOUR HOME!

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Kritter Cap
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