Mole Removal

Mole RemovalMost ground moles, or moles, in your yard in northern Indiana and southern Michigan are Eastern Moles. Most eastern moles have one to three litters a year with three to eight young per litter. Early in the spring the males usually come to the surface first after the frost leaves the ground. Most of the time our customers will call saying that there are mounds of dirt all over their yard. These "mole mounds" or surface mounds are from the moles displacing the dirt from underground. The other sign of moles in your yard are "feed trails" or soft squishy trails that run parallel with the surface of the yard. An eastern mole can build these tunnels in your yard about eighteen feet per hour. Moles then can travel back and forth in these mole tunnels almost eighty feet per hour. These feeding tunnels are used almost like a trap for worms, grubs, and other insects. The moles will separate the sod from the soil leaving the roots of your grass just hanging under ground but not rooted in the dirt or soil. This will cause dead spots of grass all over your yard because the roots cannot get water from the ground.

American Animal Control® LLC's® mole removal specialists are professional mole trappers. WE DO NOT USE POISONS! We at American Animal Control® LLC believe if we walk out of your yard with the mole in our hand, we know for sure that the mole will never show up some place else in your yard. We also do not like the idea of poisons getting dug up by non-target animals or small children.

Mole Removal Mole Removal Mole Removal
We trap moles by the truckloads!

The biggest myth about ridding your yard of moles is that using "grub control" will eliminate ground moles. Grubs and insects in your yard or landscaping are just a fraction of the mole's diet. The main food for moles is earthworms. These earthworms will lie in the mole tunnels under the grass. The moles then will move back and forth eating the earthworms by the dozens. Moles like to feed just like humans: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We are professional mole trappers. American Animal Control® LLC's® licensed wildlife-pest removal specialists are recommended by many professional landscapers, lawncare professionals, and pest control companies.

Mole Removal Mole Removal Mole Removal Mole Removal Mole Removal

If you are experiencing yard damage from moles, skunks, squirrels, or raccoons, why not call Indiana and Michigan's most recommended mole removal company? American Animal Control® LLC.