Raccoon Removal

American Animal Control® LLC offers the most innovative raccoon removal techniques in the industry. With over 50 years of combined experience in raccoon removal, raccoon control, and raccoon trapping.

Raccoons primarily move in low light condition. At night while you're sleeping the masked bandits begin to seek out what kind of havoc they can do. Mostly looking for food, raccoons will eat almost anything including; worms, grubs, insects, fish, birds, frogs, eggs, mice, moles, rats, and even rabbits. We receive many calls a year from people with raccoons in their dumpster and or raccoons in garbage cans. We also receive calls from people who have bird feeders in their yards. Although we all enjoy watching birds, bird feeders become magnets for every raccoon in the neighborhood.

Most raccoons like to build their dens up high in holes of trees. But more and more, raccoons are making their dens in attics of homes, chimneys, and outbuildings. Raccoons tear holes in roofs, rip open soffits, and cause hundreds and thousands of dollars in damage to homes every year.

Raccoons mostly breed all through mid to late December, January and February. Averaging 3-6 cubs per litter, these young may even breed the same year they are born. Sometimes returning back to the same attic or chimney they were born in.

Raccoons will have their young in the spring. This is when most people will start hearing noises in their attics, noises in their chimneys, and even noises in their walls.

Although raccoons appear to be "playful" or "cute", when cornered they are very aggressive. Raccoons are very strong, fast, and have razor sharp teeth and jaw strength that can crush bones. Raccoons can carry rabies. Raccoons also can have many other diseases as well as raccoon round worm.

American Animal Control® LLC licensed wildlife-pest removal technicians will provide you with the most extensive home inspection available. Locating all possible raccoon entrance points, raccoon damage, or even provide you and your insurance company with an estimate to repair, exclude, or remove contaminated insulation caused by raccoons.

American Animal Control® LLC does not like to use baited cages if at all possible. We found that most communities have hundreds of raccoons. And if you put a baited cage on the ground you will lure in many "non-target" animals besides raccoons like; skunks, opossums, and sometimes even the neighbor's cat.

American Animal Control® LLC technicians believe the best way to remove a raccoon is to locate the main entrance point and any secondary points of entry and barricade a raccoon cage into it. We generally then take the first one away and reset until all are removed. And, not only will American Animal Control® LLC remove the unwanted raccoons from your property; we can also repair any damage and secure the entrance points if desired and we can give you an estimate for the additional repairs.

So if you are hearing noises in your attic, noises in your walls, noises in your chimney, or if you are seeing raccoons climbing on your roof or raccoons digging in your yard, call us at American Animal Control® LLC. We are wildlife-pest removal specialist and truly want to help you solve your raccoon problem.