Skunk Removal


American Animal Control® LLC offers innovative skunk removal, skunk control, skunk trapping, and professional skunk exclusion services for most areas in Indiana and Michigan.

Skunks, "pole cats", "black and whites", are most known for their not so pleasant odor. A "musky sulfur/rotten egg" like smell that skunks emit from two small glands located on each side of the anus area. When skunks get nervous or "excited" skunks will raise their tail and engage the release of this glandular secretion. Skunks have the ability to spray this fluid approx. 10 feet or more.

American Animal Control® LLC gets many skunk calls each year. From customer's dogs getting sprayed by skunks, skunks digging for grubs in yards, skunks living under decks or sheds. Skunks in Indiana and Michigan breed early in the spring. The average gestation period is around 66 days. The female skunk likes to dig den locations under wood piles, rock piles, decks, sheds, and foundations of buildings. Female skunks average 4 to 7 skunk kits per litter. We have removed skunk litters of as many as 10 skunk's kits under porches and sidewalks.

We can install deck barriers around most decks. Each pest guard is custom fabricated for "drop" and "leg out" from deck. A trench is dug and barrier is installed then sod or mulch is reinstalled. This will prevent animals from digging back in under deck or shed.

Deck Barrier

Deck Barrier

Skunks like to eat grubs and worms, as well as frogs, snakes, rodents, birds, moles, berries and nuts. We often get calls for skunks digging in yards for grubs. Skunks will make a "divot" or a swirl in the grass as they are digging out the grubs. Sometimes skunks will, in one night, make dozens of these little "divots" all over a customer's yard. The most common cause for skunks hanging around customer's yards is bird feeders. The bird feed that lands on the ground under bird feeders is a magnet for skunks. Skunks do sometimes bite humans and are known to have the rabies virus. Although baby skunks are very cute, (Do not handle skunks). Many people will try trapping raccoons or opossums in their yards and end up luring in skunks into the cage trap. American Animal Control® LLC can assist you in transfer and removal of such nuisance skunks as well.

American Animal Control® LLC licensed wildlife-pest removal professionals are trained to provide the most innovated skunk removal and skunk control services available. We trap skunks, remove skunks, relocate skunks, and provide skunk exclusion and prevention pest guards, and deck and shed barriers for most skunk control applications. When looking for skunk removal why not call a professional. American Animal Control® LLC offers all skunk removal solutions in a humane and professional manner. Recommended by many pest control and lawn care professionals.